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Laurinburg NC is a great vacation spot in Scotland County. There aren’t a ton of attractions in Laurinburg, but you will find many just outside the area, too. Plus there are great restaurants to eat at while you are there. You will find Laurinburg to be a small, peaceful and picturesque city, and you will enjoy the surrounding areas as well. Get ready for both a relaxing and adventurous vacation in Laurinburg NC.

The John Blue House and Heritage Center is located at 13040 X Way Road. One of the special events held there is called the John Blue Cotton Festival. You can take a tour of the home, and you can also stop by the craft booths and the food booths, too. Talk about taking home some great souvenirs. It is a great historical place of interest, so you will really enjoy all that there is waiting for you there.

Some of the reviewers of The John Blue House also talk about Holden Beach being nearby. You can bet that would be a lot of fun for sure. Do you know where Holden Beach is located and how to get there? This is a very popular beach in North Carolina.

Now it is time for the Outback Motorsports Complex. Located at 18576 McGirts Bridge Road, the Outback Motorsports Complex is a great place to ride ATVs around. Some people talk about spending not just an entire day there but the whole weekend. It is also a great place for side by sides and off road bikes. You can park an RV there, too, and go camping, dry camping that is because there aren’t any hookups.

There is also the Laurinburg Cinema if you feel like watching a movie. Not far from Laurinburg at all is a place called the Indian Museum of the Carolinas. You will find it located at 607 South Turnpike Road. Laurinburg Lanes is a great place for going bowling. There is also the Hamlet Depot and Museums.

Have you heard of the Laurinburg Institute? It is a school and a historical place of interest. You are going to be southwest of Fayetteville, so you might want to stop on by there to check out some places, too. It is going to be a fun time in Fayetteville and a fun time in Laurinburg NC. You’ve got enough places of interest to get you started for sure.

Post Author: Bette Stout